Notes and Comments

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Notice of Services for Holy Week and Easter by Rt. Rev Dr. Norman Maclean, which includes provision for the antiphonal reading of the psalm
Suggestion for greater employment of Celtic art – as on the cover of the Annual which was designed by Miss Gladys Wyllie
The Secretary has assisted many enquirers in preparing orders for special occasions and has gathered many others – these are available
Discussion of the Book of Common Order (1928) from the United Free Church
Prayers from the service of Re-dedication of Paisley Abbey and from the dedication of a new bell at St Andrew’s, North Berwick
Comment on the misuse of the expression ‘second table’ for separate celebrations of Holy Communion
Critique of the common practice of siting an organ behind the pulpit and console in front, surrounded by the choir, and a further discussion of the inappropriateness of placing the choir in a chancel.

The Church Service Society Annual, Volume 02 1929-30, p77
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