The Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1635

The Rev John Mercer Hunter, BD, Kirkcaldy

Brief history of Psalters, bound with Book of Common Order, from Reformation, noting that tunes were always included.  1635 first harmonised edition.  New edition by Neil Livingstone in circulation.  Replaced by 1650 psalter but with Scottish editing (editors named and sections undertaken) to the extent that Rous’s originals scarcely perceptible.  Author urges more use to be made of the older psalm tunes, noting that some are in Church Hymnary (1898) to hymn texts.  Discussion of the origins of psalm tunes with the forms of title: “Old…” and “Psalm…”  Note   reference to the “Association for the revival of sacred music in Scotland” in Edinburgh in 1860s.

Volume 02 1929-30, p69