Holy Communion in the Church of Scotland

William Lillie

This is the transcript of a talk given to a group of Anglicans and Presbyterians. It first tackles the matter of the way in which Christ is present to the partaker at Communion, noting that ‘presence to faith’ (as in the Westminster Confession etc.) does not mean conjuring up the divine presence. Presbyterian observance has underlined: a) the place given to the Word, b) the communion of believers, c) publicly setting forth Christ, d) open invitation to members of any branch of the Christian Church. Differences: a) an overly subjective approach, b) an ignoring of the element of sacrifice, c) an underplaying of the element of consecration, d) infrequency of celebration, e) the use of Communion to prepare congregational rolls.

Volume 07, Number 02 Nov 1977, p28