Kindred Movements in the Dominion Churches

The Rev William A Alston, Melbourne. The Rev J Bruce Gardiner, DD, Johannesburg.

I. Victoria, Australia
The Rev William A Alston, Melbourne

William A  Alston surveys the progress in Australia of the ideals and practices fostered by the Church Service Society and its counterpart in Victoria (founded 1925) and refers to some notable buildings.

II. South Africa  
The Rev J Bruce Gardiner, DD, Johannesburg

J  Bruce Gardiner gives an account of worship in the largest Presbyterian (Dutch Reformed) Churches in South Africa before noting the variety of practice in English-speaking Presbyterianism.  No evidence is provided of the existence of a kindred society but the previous year’s Assembly had revived a committee to foster care and concern for worship. 

Volume 11 1938-39, p27