Liturgy at the Cross-Roads

Presidential Address given at the Annual Meeting of the Society, 1968, by the Reverend Thomas H Keir, MA, DD, Minister of Melrose, St Cuthbert’s

It is an obvious fact that liturgy is at the Cross-roads. How should is adapt? 'Reformed worship’ is considered but a striving to recover Christian worship should be the aim. The temptation to please must be resisted. If common language is used in common worship people may be deprived of exalted worship. The church’s first task is to face God in adoration, before it can serve humanity. Worship in the Reformed Church concentrates on words but actions should be encouraged e.g. standing for the Words of Institution at Communion. It could also involve silence, kneeling, and processions amongst other things.

Volume 39 1969, p3
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