Concerning Funeral Services

Some anonymous reflections

The writer discusses the relative desirability of an immediate funeral and a later event with better marks the life of the deceased. Expectations of funerals raised by film and television are discussed, which tend towards pomp and vulgarity. The dangers of adding to the basic service, with multiple contributions, are outlined. The funeral can double as a memorial service. Structure is discussed and the prevalence of prayer which is aimed at the congregation rather than God is deplored. The focus is often lost; the structure ought to set forth the Love of God in respect of the deceased and family and friends. The difficulties when ministers lose control of the planning of the ceremony. Departing from the set services also carry dangers. The use of the AV and the choice and appropriate delivery of biblical passages. The writer considers the Address, the desirability of brevity throughout the service, hymns and music, rubrics, experimentation, memorial services, and the the use of names.

Volume 46 2010/11, p19
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