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Central to the Society’s work was the publication, from 1928 onwards, of journals which explored the history of liturgies and of places of worship and sought to promote the recovery of good practice and the encouragement of appropriate new forms.  The Church Service Society Annual was published from 1928 until 1970, the Liturgical Review from 1971 (the first one was called Liturgical Studies) until 1980, and the Record (which continues) from 1982 onwards.  These journals continue to be an indispensable record of the study of worship in Scotland, at once Reformed and Catholic, but they are not easily come by. They are reproduced here in full.

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Latest Edition

The Record no 49

Just out (November 2014) the latest edition of the Society's annual journal. The testimony of a leading church musician, the (RC) Bishop of Aberdeen on Baptism, the account of a Wild Goose visit to an Aberdeen congregation, a survey of the second 50 years of the Church Service Society's life in preparation for the 150th anniversary in 2015, an obituary of the Rev Ted Lewis, reviews of the Society's recent publication A Useable Past? and a Hymn Society's booklet, Race shall thy works praise unto race, and a roundup of recent books on worship.

Single copies £5 including p&p