The Service of Holy Communion

The Rev John W Baird, St Andrews

The morning service as currently practised is based on the “Hours” services. Holy Communion is the “Lord’s own service”.  This is similar in however many contemporary traditions in which it is found. The shape is based on the old Missa Catechumenorum and Missa Fidelium. These are outlined and the Thanksgiving analysed. The Roman Liturgy omits the prayer to the Holy Spirit. The Westminster Directory is in the spirit of the ancient forms. The former mode which used “tables” and multiplicity of addresses did not foster interest in the service and only recently have the beauty and devotion of the earliest liturgies been recovered. The Anglican service is critiqued. The article now reviews the various forms of the Eucharist in print and makes further comparisons with Roman, Anglican and Eastern forms. Reference is made to Psalm 43 while the paraphrase ’Twas on that night is shown to be used equally with Psalm 24.

The Church Service Society Annual, Volume 01 1928-29, p27
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