Adoration the Form of Faith

The Rev David S Merrow, BD, Stenhouse

In calling for a greater spirit of adoration, the author outlines three difficulties people have, a fear 
of the subjective (fuelled by psychology), common-sense religion which is uncomfortable with the transcendent, the reduction of religion to “morality touched with emotion”.   Several biblical incidents cited to underline that the initiative is God’s. Second hand and traditional religion prevent the engagement of the soul with God.  Knowledge has been narrowly defined in scientific terms but still reality eludes us.  This world view results in a “surplus”, and the author notes how this is dealt with in the writings of such as Newman, von Hügel, Tyrrell, Otto, Kay, Denny.   The importance of private devotion is underlined.  The orders and practices of other denominations can help us, as can recourse to Scripture.  How we as ministers lead worship can make a difference, allowing no one form to dominate.   Sermons should contain the note of wonderment and the awareness of human inadequacy rather than cleverness or rhetoric.

Volume 02 1929-30, p11
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