The Church and Priory of St. Mary, Monymusk

Inglis M Black

Note: this article replaces that listed in the Contents on James Hogg's Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Evidence suggests a Columban origin for the faith in Monymusk. The Monymusk Stone is cited, as is the Reliquary of St Columba. The church itself is associated with the Culdees, followed by Augustinians, whose chapel the present church was. After much internal difficulty, the priory had virtually ceased to function by the time of the Reformation. Kirk Session records are full and cover a variety of areas. Some account is given of the Monymusk Revival (albeit lacking in accuracy). Changes to the building are listed, including the making of an external door into the pulpit to avoid the minister being bothered by the dogs the shepherds brought with them (it is suggested). The restoration of 1932 is described, uncovering some older features. The four common cups from 1691 are the only ones used at quarterly communions. Innovative forms of worship are described.

Volume 02, Number 01, May 1972, p34
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