The Church Worship Association of the United Free Church

The Rev Millar Patrick, DD, Edinburgh

The United Presbyterian Church led the way in the introduction of hymns,  the Relief Church having collected 231 Sacred Songs and Hymns in 1798.  The UPs established the “Devotional Service Association” in 1883, leading to Presbyterian Forms of Service in 1890.   The “Public Worship Association” was formed in the Free Church in 1891, issuing in 1898 in A New Directory for the Public Worship of God.   After the union of the UP and Free Churches in 1900, these were amalgamated as the “Church Worship Association” which, in 1928, published a Book of Common Order, which was authorised as the official manual of public worship for the Church.   A union with the Church Service Society is imminent.

Volume 03 1930-31, p79