The Order for the Celebration of Holy Communion

The Rev H M Rankin, MA, Galashiels

Although language, ceremony and theology differ in the various parts of the Church, one form survives.  The order in Knox's liturgy is meagre and inadequate, its deficiencies made good in the Westminster Directory.  The use of individual cups and of unfermented wine is attacked.  Communion is a ministerial not a sessional act, and therefore the Kirk Session should not be adjourned following the reception of new communicants, but closed.  The Minister should partake himself, not be ministered to by Elders.  A Communion Table should not be given in memory of any person or group of persons; it cannot be a memorial of anyone save our Lord.   An outline order is offered (in this the prayers of intercession come before the sermon, and there is no Old Testament lesson).

Volume 03 1930-31, p62