Training a Primitive People in Christian Worship

The Rev Alex Hetherwick, CBE, DD, Aberdeen, (formerly of Blantyre Mission, British Central Africa)

Native people have a great capacity for spiritual things.  Primitive worship consists in thanksgiving and propitiation, involving sacrifice and prayer; examples are given.   In Blantyre Church there is common prayer twice daily, based on the seven days of Creation (from Professor Cooper's Prayers for Family Worship), using the local language in the morning and English in the evening.  The orders are given in detail;  litanies and collects are used.   Communion is monthly. Baptism is approached through two and a half years instruction, six month's as a Hearer, and two years as a Catechumen.  The same pattern precedes the Confirmation of those baptised as infants. There is a natural reverence among the people.

Volume 03 1930-31, p42