G D Kilpatrick

'Remembrance' is not the only possible meaning of the Greek word. Dix claims 're-presentation' and Jeremias 'succour'; these are dismissed. In 1 Cor 11:26 Paul seems to reinterpret it as 'proclaim' and this may be backed up by usages of the corresponding verb in the Septuagint. Another issue is whether Jesus gave the command to repeat or not. Anthropology knows story as threeforld: orgin, pattern of them, command to repeat. This is seen also in the Passover and in the liturgy for the day of atonement in the Temple. Attention has not been paid to this in the present case, yet the pattern is there in the institution narrative. Other issues are explored: whether anamnesis refers to just death and resurrection or whole life from incarnation, the meaning of blessing and thanksgiving in relation to the eucharistic prayer, and when consecration takes place.

volume 05, Number 01 May 1975, p35
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