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Prayers for Services:  A Manual for Leaders of Worship, compiled and edited by 
Morgan Phelps Noyes;   New York and London

A Free Church Liturgy, based on the Words of Holy Scripture, together with a simplified
Latin Rite and Orthodox Liturgy
, compiled and arranged by J P Oakden;  J M Dent & Sons Ltd

Memorials upon Several Occasions.  Prayers and Thanksgivings for Use in Public Worship; 

The History and Liturgy of the Sacraments, by Professor A Villien, tr. H W Edwards;  London

History of the Church of Foulis Easter, by Arthur B Dalgetty.  Dundee:  Harley & Cox

The Breviary:  Its History and Contents, by Dom Baudot, tr. the Benedictines of Stanbrook.
London and Edinburgh:  Sands & Company

Discipleship and Christian Worship.     A Study in the Mission of Christ and His Church, by 
Edward C Rich, Prebendary of St Paul’s;   London:  A R Mowbray & Co.

The Nation and the Nation’s Worship, by the Bishop of Norwich.  London:  Eyre & Spottiswoode

The Story of the Prayer Book, by Percy Dearmer;   London

The Gospel Sacraments, by J K Mozley, Canon of St Paul’s;   London

An Anthology of Prayer.  Compiled for Use in Church and Home, by A S T Fisher, 
late Abbot Scholar, Christ Church, Oxford   London

Volume 06 1933-34, p63
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