Notes on the frequency of Celebration of Holy Communion in the Church of Scotland

Harvey Cruickshank

This is a statistical enquiry based on congregational practice in 1967. A geographical and an urban-rural pattern is discerned. There is no evidence of frequent Communion or of 'Apostolic Practice' in 98% of Congregations. This situation has 'evolved' rather than being deliberate policy, and it should be remedied in accord with the practice of the Early Church and the wishes of the Reformers. Indifference and opposition would have to be overcome. Change should be seen to be for the good of the Church. Eucharist would have to be accepted as the 'norm' of worship. Education to this end would have to be undertaken. There is however some evidence of slow advance having been made in the previous thirty years.

Volume 06, Number 02 Nov 1976, p49