The Theology of Prayer and Intercession

James Wood

Christians pray. Only in extremis? Does God intervene in response? We share in outgoing love as the Spirit makes our prayer part of Christ's intercession. It is God's will to hear prayer. We should 'wait on God' for his 'answer'. As in the Lord's Prayer, the centre is petition. Praying is our need to obey God. Petition and penitence arise from gratitude. All true prayer is corporate, from humanity to the Trinity. Like Abraham we pray in faith. 'We do not know how to pray as we ought'. We leave things 'in God's hands' because God knows. God's Will will become known. 'Not what I will, but what thou wilt'. We must pray, though we only groan. The Spirit will present our prayer to God, 'in God's own way'.

Volume 06, Number 02 Nov 1976, p35