George Wishart’s Communion Service

The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, FSA Scot, Dunfermline

William McMillan’s examines the account, in Buchanan’s History of Scotland, of the Holy Communion reputed to have been celebrated by George Wishart on the morning of his martyrdom in St Andrews.  There are few details of the order used.  But Buchanan, supplemented by David Lindsay of Pitscottie’s Historie and Cronicles, shed light on early Scottish Reformed practice. Preaching and Communion are conjoined; the uniqueness of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary;   his role as heavenly intercessor;  commemoration in the fullest sense, linked to the “spiritual oblation of all possible praise unto God”.  Wishart also first partook himself.   Finally, comparison is made with later liturgies which influenced the Scottish tradition.

Volume 07 1934-35, p44