The Psychology of Worship

The Rev D H Hislop, MA, Ardwell

D H  Hislop quotes Karl Adam: “The eternal light of revelation is differently reflected in the prism of each age with different angles of refraction.”  He takes seriously the insights of psychology in respect of (a) the people at worship and their interaction;  (b) method of worship; and (c) the Being to whom worship is offered.  He draws attention to the will to worship expressing itself in the means to worship;  yet not all worshippers are (and cannot be) equally involved.  Attitude, he suggests, helps to unite a disparate worshipping congregation.  He goes on to examine the subconscious and its meaning for worship, and sees worship as a liberating experience.  Lastly, and interestingly, he considers the psychological aspects of liturgy and forms of worship. 

Volume 08 1935-36, p17
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