Worship in Rajputana

The Rev James W Runciman, BD, Udaipur, Rajputana

James W Runciman begins with a penetrating analysis of the passivity of the Hindu approach to worship and the ancient power of its metaphysic.  Both are quite inimical to the tenets of Christianity.  Judaism could be seen as a preparation for the Gospel;  Hinduism only as outright opposition with no common ground.   Christian missionary strategy is to demonstrate abundant life, e.g. by fostering education and health care.  Hinduism has no such outward expression:  it is “the great system of Pessimism”.   In Rajputana, 5000 scattered Christians are swamped by 12 million Hindus.  Indifference (a Hindu characteristic) affects a Christian community content to follow non-Indian denominational leads.  Thus there is no indigenous liturgy.  The writer points to the way ahead in which the needs of Indian Christians can be met.   In this respect he values, inter alia, the use of creeds and catechisms, even above sermons.  This is a revealing and thoughtful article which does not gloss over the difficulties facing the Church.

Volume 08 1935-36, p46
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