The Aberdeen Cathedral Liturgy

The Rev John Wilson Baird, MA, Aberdeen

John Wilson Baird’s short article draws attention to the prayers of Henry Scougal (1650-1678), Professor of Divinity at King’s College, Aberdeen, compiled for use in Aberdeen Cathedral.  They were reprinted by James Cooper in his  - now scarce - edition of Scougal’s Life of God in the Soul of Man.  They are reproduced in the Annual of the Church Service Society as a means of enabling students of Scottish liturgy to have easier access to them.  A short resumé of Scougal’s brief life follows, with comments on the nature of the worship of the time within the Church of Scotland.  A helpful footnote refers to G D Henderson’s Religious Life in 17th Century Scotland as providing background information on the period.  Thereafter, the prayers are fully set out under the heading “The Morning and Evening Service of the Cathedral Church of Aberdeen.”

Volume 09 1936-37, p47
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