Euchologion: The Book of Common Order

The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, FSA Scot, Dunfermline

William McMillan contributes background information about the publication in 1867 (two years after the founding of the Church Service Society) of what constituted the most important liturgical milestone in the Kirk in modern times.  The editorial committee was composed of the powerful triumvirate of G W Sprott,  John Tulloch and R H Story.   Euchologion gave to the Church orders of service for all major occasions and provided a level of liturgical scholarship and a language of public prayer which surpassed all earlier attempts by individuals.   Opponents regarded it as Anglican in tone (it would have been strange if there had been no sign of that), but other influences were at work, particularly the Liturgy of the Catholic Apostolic Church and the Mercersburg movement of Nevin and Schaff in the USA.   McMillan carefully assesses the contribution of the book in its various editions,  particularly that of 1905 with Sprott’s valuable introduction and annotations.

Volume 09 1936-37, p24