The Public Worship of Presbyterian and other Reformed Churches in the United States

The Rev Andrew L Drummond, BD, Ph D, STM, Alva

Andrew L Drummond adopts a historical approach in surveying developments in Reformed worship in the US.  After a brief examination of the practice of the New England Puritans, he reviews the worship of 18th century Presbyterians, in New York and Pennsylvania (particularly the revision of the Directory of Public Worship).  He notes the liturgical emphasis of the American German Reformed Church of John Williamson Nevin and Philip Schaff, and the sacramental writings which emerged from the Mercersburg movement.  C W Baird’s Eutaxia (1855) and C W Shields’s Book of Common Prayer (1864) and its appended essay are seen as landmarks.  He touches on the period following the Civil War, the psychology of William James, the ‘Social Gospel’ of Rauschenbusch,  before concluding with a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the modern period and its hymnody.

Volume 09 1936-37, p57
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