Several reviewers listed

An Outline of Christian Worship by William D Maxwell, OUP;  reviewed by J Harry Miller

A Book of Prayers for Schools,  SCM Press, reviewed by Millar Patrick 

The Daily Service:  Prayers and Hymns for Schools, ed G W Briggs (prayers), Percy Dearmer, R 
Vaughan Williams, Martin Shaw, G W Briggs (hymns), OUP;  reviewed by Millar Patrick

Christian Worship:  Studies in its History and Meaning,  ed. Nathaniel Micklem, OUP,
reviewed by Millar Patrick

The Reformation, the Mass, and the Priesthood by Ernest C Messenger, London, Longmans, Green & 
Co. reviewed by William McMillan

Scottish Church Architecture by J S Coltart;  SPCK, reviewed by William McMillan

The Mediaeval Styles of the English Parish Church by F E Howard, London, B T Batsford Ltd; 
reviewed by William McMillan

Worship by Evelyn Underhill, London, Nisbet & Co, reviewed by Thomas Marjoribanks

A History of Christian Worship by Oscar Hardman;  Hodder & Stoughton: reviewed by W Napier Bell

Prayers for Common Worship by James Ferguson; Allenson & Co. Ltd, reviewed by John Wilson Baird

Volume 09 1936-37
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