A Scoto-Russian Church Conference

The Rev Professor L Zander, Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe, Paris

L Zander (a Russian Orthodox representative) gives an account of four one-day conferences which took place in Scotland in November, 1936, between representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Church of Scotland.  Names of familiar Scottish churchmen abound – Lang, Warr, Cromarty Smith, White Anderson and others.  The Russian Theological Academy in Paris sent Nicholas Zernov (later at Oxford) who spoke about the nature of Orthodox worship; Georges Florovsky, who gave an address on the Catholicity of the Church;  Irene Doroshevsky, who spoke about Russian youth in exile;  and Professor Zander, on the life and work of the
Church in exile.  The conference produced a deepening of understanding on both sides.

Volume 09 1936-37, p34
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