Millar Patrick, William McMillan, Andrew L Drummond

Millar Patrick contributes notices of
     Church Music in History and Practice: Studies in the Praise of God by Winfred Douglas  
     Hymnody Past and Present by C S Phillips

William McMillan contributes notices of
     The Anaphora or Great Eucharistic Prayer.  An Eirenical Study in Liturgical History by Walter Howard Frere
     The Worshipping Community by H C L Heywood
     What mean ye by this service? by S C Carpenter
     The Parish Communion.  A Book of Essays edited by A G Hebert 
     The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described by Adrian Fortescue (sixth, revised, edition)
     The Mystery of Sacrifice.  A Meditation on the Liturgy by Evelyn Underhill
     The Highway of Praise: An Introduction to Christian Hymnody by J R Fleming

Andrew L. Drummond notices
     Adventures in Light and Colour: An Introduction to the Stained Glass Craft by Charles
     J Connick

There is an unsigned notice of 
     Prayers for Everyday by J G Grant Fleming

Volume 10 1937-38, p72
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