The Marriage Service in the Church of England: Some Liturgical Considerations

Bryan D Spinks

The article begins by reviewing marriage rites in the centuries leading up to the 1662 rite. Cranmer's order is closely examined, and connections made with other developments of the time. The 1928 rite is compared. The paper finds that the 1662 rite has a completeness about it and there is less desire to return to earlier forms when renewal is believed to be required. However, theological reflection raises some questions. The issue of remarriage after divorce is considered, and the liturgical implications of this. The Series 3 rite was authorised in 1977, and this is examined. This did not seek to learn from other branches of the church, and the paper shows what might have been learned. The paper ends with some positive suggestions for change.

Volume 11, Number 02 Nov 1981, p90