The Anthem: Its Function and History

Herrick Bunney, Esq, B Mus, FRCO, ARCM, Master of the Music at St Giles Cathedral

This is a very neat, concise account of the anthem and its place in Reformed worship, written by Herrick Bunney while he was organist at St Giles. While it is scholarly, and clearly exhibits his encyclopaedic knowledge of the form and its history, it is also indicative of a deeply spiritual nature as when he contrasts hymns, which allow the congregation to give expression to their thoughts and feelings in worship, with those parts of a service sung by a choir which enable the worshipper to sink into the spiritual atmosphere which the music provides and to be uplifted by it. This is a short, helpful, informative, article which reads as if written from a faith perspective.

Volume 18 1948, p11
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