St Bride’s Parish Church, Sanquhar

The Rev Wm S Buchan, BD, Minister of the Parish

This is an account (including three photographs) of the foundation and subsequent development of St Bride’s Church in Sanquhar by the then minister of the charge. There had been an ecclesiastical building on the site for many centuries. Plans for a new building had been prepared by Macgregor Chalmers but the project was shelved at the outbreak of the 1914/18 war. After many delays, the renovation work was begun in 1930 with new plans prepared by Jeffrey Waddell but incorporating some of Chalmers’ original ideas, the project being made possible by a number of grants, gifts, and legacies. The article contains quite detailed descriptions of the work undertaken including the windows, interior furnishings, and historical artefacts.

Volume 18 1948, p17