Peace and Safety

The Rev Ronald Selby Wright, MA, Minister at the Canongate (The Kirk of Holyroodhouse) and Edinburgh Castle

The author offers a critical appraisal of the Book of Common Order (1940), seeing it as a good compromise but also a book about which we ought to be proud. Nevertheless he finds that too many do not follow the good practices that the Book suggests. He offers a detailed account of some things that have been done in Canongate Kirk to further the principles and suggested practice as contained in the Book and in the work of the Church Service Society, instancing: the entry of the Bible, the processional hymn, the opening prayers, the readings, creed, general thanksgiving, proclamation of banns/intimations, preaching, offering, the great prayer, blessing and recessional hymn. Important is the choir (with its choirboys) and the refurbishment of the interior.

Volume 25 1955, p9
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