The Place of the Humanity of Christ in the Sacramental Life of the Church

The Rev Thomas F Torrance, MA, BD, DD, D Theol, Professor of Christian Dogmatics, University of Edinburgh

Not two dimensions regarding essence of Gospel but three: God, man, and Jesus in whom God and man are one. Inportant for understanding of eschatology. Some theologians only two, e.g. Bultmann, Tillich. Can’t be just time and eternity but in Jesus Christ time redeemed and joined together with eternity. The understanding stems from Calvin, and before him Irenaeus and Athanasius; Calvin saw importance for a) priesthood of Christ, b) baptism, c) Lord’s Supper. The paper follows this trail through subsequent history, including John McLeod Campbell. We have failed to grasp the place of the full humanity of Christ and this has led to a failure in understanding of Word and Sacrament.

Volume 26 1956, p3