Daily Worship - A Layman’s View

John Shaw Dunn

The third of three papers given at the Workshop on Daily Worship at St Margaret’s, Barnhill, Dundee on St Andrew’s Day 1994 was given by Dr John Shaw Dunn. Dr Dunn outlines the difficulties for someone in work to participate daily in worship, which may not just be timing or opportunity but involve matters of content, especially when based on the monastic office. Dr Dunn nevertheless commends the practice and discusses the understandings which lie behind it. He quotes: ‘How are we to recognise the Lord in daily life if we have not first sought him … in the direct encounter of prayer’. He asks, with Donald Soper, whether daily prayer might not become the paradigm of a new kind of church life as Sunday attendance continues to decline.

Volume 28 Lent 1995, p11
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