Recent Liturgical Literature

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, Librarian at New College, the University of Edinburgh

Reference is made to some new series of writings:

Studies in Eucharistic Faith and Practice, The Celebrant and Ministers of the Eucharist, R C Mortimer
The Poetry of the Eucharist, F J E Raby
The Gallican Rite, W S Porter
The Orthodox Liturgy, Austin Oakley
Studies in Ministry and Worship: What is Liturgical Preaching? R H Fuller

Christ our Passover, J T Martin,
Liturgical Renewal, J D Benoit
The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood, M E Thrall
Ecumenical Studies in Worship: Essays on the Lord’s Supper
Worship in the Church of South India;
An Experiment in Worship: Revising a Liturgy
Jacob’s Ladder: The Meaning of Worship
Worship in the Body of Christ: Covenant and Sacrifice, Basil Minchin.

He also recommends,
The Mass and the English Reformers, C.W. Dugmore
Anglican Liturgies of the 17th and 18th centuries, W Jardine Grisbrooke
The Primacy of Worship, Von Ogden Vogt
Gregorian Chant, Willi Apel
Origin and Development of the Forms of Liturgical Chant, The Notation of Medieval Music, Carl Parrish
Rhythmic Proportions in Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Chant, J W A Vollaerts
Music in Medieval Britain, Frank H. Harrison
The English Carol, Erik Routley.
Prayer for Daily Use, Samuel H Miller
A Private House of Prayer, Leslie D Weatherhead

Volume 29 1959, p42
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