Vox Humana

Miss E M Balfour Brown, Dip Dram Art, LRAM, LCST, Int Phon Cert (Speech), Lecturer in Elocution at New College, Edinburgh, and Trinity College, Glasgow

Until recently, outside of cities, the only public speaking heard by most people was from the pulpit. Modern means of communication meant people soon adjusted to other voices such as newsreaders. This created a challenge but a pulpit voice still lingered. Architects can use acoustics to help design new buildings appropriately. Public address systems can help the speaker to be heard but ideally are undetectable to the listener. Tips are given on how to increase audibility when speaking aloud. It is important to be prepared, be aware of the needs of the congregation, and be selfless during the act of worship itself. Perhaps Vocation and Personality are the key to it all.

Volume 39 1969, p38
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