Communicating the Word: Presidential Address

Marion Dodd

The President, from her background as a professional singer and as one well versed in music, explores the issues relating to communicating in words, against a biblical and theological backcloth. The subject is treated in a Trinitarian format. The address had been accompanied by a multi-media presentation involving visual representation of the Hebrew, Greek and English versions of John 1:1 coupled with a musical setting composed and performed by the President.

Volume 43 2007/8, p3

Marion Dodd, minister of Kelso Old and Sprouston Parish Church since 1989 is a daughter of the Manse. After 17 years with the BBC Singers in the south, she returned to Scotland and studied for the Ministry, to which she was ordained in 1988. She was a member of the Church Hymnary Revision Committee 1995-2005.