Ministerial Dress (South Africa)

Graham A Duncan

Following a statement of the theology of worship, the author explores the priestly tradition and the synagogue tradition, one favouring vestments the other less so. He surveys practice since the Scottish Reformation and notes the lack of uniformity. He looks in more detail at specific items of dress: cassock, girdle, preaching gown, shirt/collar/bands, academic hood, preaching scarf, stole, cap. The symbolism of clerical dress is explored and the paper concludes with a discussion of the issues raised in modern times and whether there is an ultimate requirement around which agreement might be reached.

Volume 43 2007/8, p25
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Graham Duncan, after serving at Lovedale, in South Africa, was minister of Cumbernauld Old Parish Church from 1988-98 when he returned South Africa to teach in the University of Fort Hare. He is now Professor in the Department of Church History and Church Polity in the University of Pretoria where candidates for the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church are trained.