Recent Liturgical Literature

Revd Dr Douglas Galbraith

Douglas Galbraith, Secretary to the Society, notes these recent publications:

Celebrating Holy Communion (Saint Andrew Press) from a working party set up by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, edited by Peter Donald;

Echoing the Word: the Bible in the Eucharist, Paula Gooder and Michael Perham (SPCK);

The Serious Business of Worship: Essays in honour of Bryan D Spinks, eds. Melanie Ross and Simon Jones (T&T Clark);

The Book of Common Prayer: A biography, Alan Jacobs (Princeton University Press);

Resonant Witness: Conversations between music and theology, eds. Jeremy S Begbie and Steven R Guthrie (Eerdmans); Liturgy and Interpretation, Kenneth Stevenson (SCM Press);

The People’s Work: A social history of the liturgy, Frank Senn (Fortress Press);

Great is the Mystery of Faith: Exploring faith through the words of worship, Paul Ferguson (Canterbury Press);

Worship and the Parish Church in Early Modern Britain, Natalie Mears and Alex Ryrie eds. (Ashgate);

The Gospel Church Secure: The official history of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship, Norman Wallwork (Church in the Market Place);

The Sacred Community: Art, sacrament, and the people of God, David Jasper (Baylor University Press);

Worship 4 Today: A course for worship leaders and musicians, Helen Bent and Liz Tipple (Church House Publishing);

Scots Worship: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, David D Ogston, ed. Johns McKay (St Andrew Press);

Table Manners: Liturgical leadership for the mission of the Church, Simon Reynolds (SCM Press);

Do This in Remembrance of Me: The Eucharist from the early Church to the present day, Bryan D Spinks (SCM Press).

Volume 49 2014,