Obituary: Ian B Galbraith MA MPhil Mth ThD FTCL

John Shaw-Dunn, Alison Robertson, Douglas Galbraith, Ian Miller
Volume 56 2021, p62
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John Shaw-Dunn after lecturing in human anatomy in the University of Glasgow for many years, is now Honorary Research Fellow in its School of Life Sciences. He brought a keen knowledge of liturgy to the General Assembly’s Committee on Public Worship and Aids to Devotion and is a member of the Church Service Society, having also served on its Council.

Alison Robertson is a hymn writer and composer and one-time geography teacher, who worked for the Church of Scotland’s Committee on Artistic Matters in the early 1990s. In 2003, she founded, with the committee’s Chair, Professor John R. Hume, what became the independent Registered Scottish Charity SC039375, the Scottish Stained Glass Trust & Symposium of which she is Honorary Secretary. She is a member of the Church Service Society.

Douglas Galbraith is a part president and former Secretary of the Church Service Society.

Ian Miller was for 37 years minister of Balloch parish church and is now locum minister at Lomond parish church, Balloch, where Iain Galbraith latterly was organist and his wife, Sheila, the choir leader.