Reflections on the 'St Andrew Declaration

The Revd David Todd

An Episcopal priest and member of Council, who was brought up within the Church of Scotland, reflects on the recently signed ‘Saint Andrew Declaration’ between the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Scotland.

Volume 56 2021, p42
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David Todd was brought up in the Church of Scotland as a son of the manse but became a Scottish Episcopalian in 2009. He joined the Church Service Society as the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Liturgy Committee representative but is now a Council Member in his own right. Prior to his ordination as priest to the clergy team at St Mark’s Portobello, David had a career in theatre and orchestral management. He was largely responsible for the design and detail of the Study Day at Dunblane Cathedral in 2018 on ‘Staging the Sunday Service’. The views expressed in this article are his own and not necessarily the views of the Scottish Episcopal Church.