Yuletide Carrells

The Revd Dr Robert K Mackenzie

Arguing that to sing of the incarnation is enhanced when one does so in one's first language or dialect, the author offers his own reworking of the Christmas Carol in Scots language, giving three examples.

The Record, Volume 57 2022, pp 57-61
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Robert Mackenzie was ordained in 1976 while an assistant in Hamilton. His minister father was from Falkirk. He himself grew up in Berwickshire and west Fife. One of his charges was in Angus. In two charges north and west of the Highland boundary fault he found that some natives used elements of distinctly Scots vocabulary. For a time he edited the Worship in Scots pages for the Church of Scotland website when he felt much privileged to work with the late Revd David Ogston who was noted for writing distinguished liturgical material, including in Scots.