Books Reviewed

Rachel J W Dobie and Douglas Galbraith

Galbraith, Douglas, Foretaste of a World Remade: Five Orders for an Agape (Wild Goose Publications, 2002 (download from £3.80, reviewed by Rachel Dobie.

Bradley, Ian, The Coffin Roads: Journeys to the West (Birlinn, 2022), ISBN 978 1 78027 779 0, reviewed by Douglas Galbraith

Volume 58 pp 69-72
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Rachel J W Dobie is an educationist and minister who retired in 2008 from the parishes of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho with Skirling with Stobo and Drumelzier with Tweedsmuir. While there, she built up a team of leaders of worship to ensure that worship continued in each locality. She is a former Secretary of the Church Service Society and a past President.

Douglas Galbraith is a past president and former secretary of the Church Service Society. After a varied career in pastoral, teaching, and administrative work in Scotland and Australia he continues in retirement in research and writing, particularly in the area of church music, and has become involved in the pilgrim routes movement in Scotland.