A Pilgrimage to Stenton Kirk

The Revd. David D Scott

The current interest in pilgrimage is not being seen only as involving long journeys but may take place in small compass, making the ancient practice accessible to all. This order of service was written by Rev David Scott for a retreat for two congregations and involved moving round the local church building, finding significance and insight in the various ‘stops’: the ruins of the old kirk, and in the current the font, a Celtic cross, the door, the inner chamber, and a medieval well. Each station had its own psalm, and Communion was celebrated at the Holy Table.

Volume 58 pp 60-64
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David D Scott spent forty years working for the Church of Scotland mostly as a parish minister in Forth:St. Paul’s, Logie Kirk, Stirling, New Kilpatrick, Bearsden and Traprain, East Lothian. After graduating in Pure Mathematics, he spent a year teaching mathematics as a commissioned missionary of the Church of Scotland in Ghana. He was an assessor and director at National Assessment Conference and is presently editor of ‘The Record’.