Training in Funerals

The Revd. Nigel Robb

Subtitled, ‘A response to the challenge of the Third Declaratory Article’, Rev Nigel Robb reviews the situation with respect to contemporary funerals and the need to provide more support for ministers. Referring back to earlier centuries, he outlines the steps taken to set up, for the presbytery of Glasgow, a pilot course for elders and others in the conduct of funerals. He describes how the course evolved and what matters were covered in each of the two sessions, with a third session which took the form of a visit to a crematorium. Eulogies, members of families taking part, silence, and music are all explored.

Volume 58 pp 32-42
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Nigel Robb formerly Clerk of St Andrews Presbytery and previously employed at 121 George Street as Director of Educational Services and Secretary of the Worship and Doctrine Committees. From 1983 he was a lecturer in Practical and Pastoral Theology in Perth Western Australia and at St Mary’s College, St Andrews University. He was ordained as Associate Chaplain at Edinburgh University.