The Record No 52

The next edition of the Record will contain Stephen Holmes's address to the 2017 AGM, with its new perspective on the 'Reformation' and the unexpected emphasis on liturgical formation; Gordon Jamieson's appeal for more appropriate funeral orders to meet the different circumstances of today; Scott Rennie's introduction of a comprehensive new Aberdeen-based lectionary resource to rival anything offered elsewwhere; a paper given to the Aberdeen Theological Society on how succeeding hymn editors have ensured that we can keep singing Charles Wesley; and the editor eavesdrops on conversations with the famed 'Rabbi' Duncan about the state of worship in the country.

There are also Obituaries of two well-loved former officers of the Society: Duncan Forrester and Tom Davidson Kelly; and the customary extra make-weights, the Secretary's 'Notes' and the roundup of recent literature on worship and liturgy.