Volume 10 1937-38

Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh

The Rev W W D Gardiner, BD, D Litt, Edinburgh

W W D Gardiner marks the re-opening, after restoration (Henry F Kerr, architect), of the Church and gives an account of its 17th century beginnings and original plan and ordering, with notice of later damage, division and rebuilding and with reference also to the signing of the National Covenant of which the tercentenary had recently been celebrated.  Illustrated by 3 drawings – restored interior, exterior (wrongly labelled), and exterior in 1637.

Worship in Covenanting Times

The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, Dunfermline

William McMillan examines in detail the evidence relating to services of worship during the period 1661-90, dealing mainly with the practice of “outed” ministers and their congregations, and referring to the influence of the Westminster Directory, to psalmody, prayers, posture, “prefacing”, “lecturing”, sermons,  Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and burial customs.

The Training of Children in Worship

The Rev David A Hodges, BD, Ayton

David A. Hodges draws attention to the 1937 General Assembly’s commendation of a Youth Committee Memorandum on the “League of Young Worshippers and the Attendance of Children at Church” and examines several different avenues of approach to the problem, affecting practice in both Sunday School and Church Service.  A responsive “Opening Service of a School” is appended.

A Nativity Play in Glasgow Cathedral

The Rev D S McGillivray, MA, Glasgow

Duncan S. MacGillivray describes a nativity play presented the previous Christmas in the Cathedral, after four years in Govan Old Parish Church, for which it had been devised.  In his judgement  it had “the merit….of containing no spoken word (save) the intermittent reading of the Gospel record, and carols sung by a screened choir”.   An indication of its effect on participants and audiences is added.   2 illustrations.

William Cameron of “The Paraphrases”

The Rev W T Cairns, DD, Edinburgh

William T Cairns uses his recent acquisition of a copy (1754) of Offices of Devotion by an English Puritan Divine, James Foster, to describe the volume, rather more than half the pages of which are in manuscript, apparently written by William Cameron and containing carefully wrought prayers of which he was the author.  He goes on to give details of Cameron’s life as a student of James Beattie in Aberdeen, as the most active member of the Committee on Paraphrases, and as Minister of Kirknewton.


Millar Patrick, William McMillan, Andrew L Drummond

Millar Patrick contributes notices of
     Church Music in History and Practice: Studies in the Praise of God by Winfred Douglas  
     Hymnody Past and Present by C S Phillips

William McMillan contributes notices of
     The Anaphora or Great Eucharistic Prayer.  An Eirenical Study in Liturgical History by Walter Howard Frere
     The Worshipping Community by H C L Heywood
     What mean ye by this service? by S C Carpenter
     The Parish Communion.  A Book of Essays edited by A G Hebert 
     The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described by Adrian Fortescue (sixth, revised, edition)
     The Mystery of Sacrifice.  A Meditation on the Liturgy by Evelyn Underhill
     The Highway of Praise: An Introduction to Christian Hymnody by J R Fleming

Andrew L. Drummond notices
     Adventures in Light and Colour: An Introduction to the Stained Glass Craft by Charles
     J Connick

There is an unsigned notice of 
     Prayers for Everyday by J G Grant Fleming

Notes and Comments

No Author Specified

The Church presence at the Empire Exhibition, and the stained glass there
Embroidered Saltires on a ministerial scarf
The institution of The Scoto-Russian Fellowship of St Andrew
The forthcoming A G M of the Society to be addressed by Dr Nicholas Zernov
The publication of What is a living Church? by J S Whale, incorporating most of his address to the previous A G M
Halving of subscriptions to generate more widespread support
A list of the articles published in the first nine issues of the Annual.


Illustrations in this volume

Greyfriars Church (Interior)  -  Page 6
Greyfriars Church - from the North-West  -  Page 8
Greyfriars Church in 1637  -  Page 8
The Stable that was a PalaceFacing  -  Page 56
Mary and Elizabeth exchange Greetings  -  Page 57