Volume 13 1942-43 (War-time Issue)

Scottish Paraphrases: A Forgotten Episode

The Rev Millar Patrick, DD

Millar Patrick recalls an attempt in 1827 by a General Assembly Committee to recruit contemporary poets and poetesses, including Sir Walter Scott, Wordsworth, Southey, Mrs Grant of Laggan et al, (and many of their responses) to submit enlargements to the Paraphrases. He suggests that the failure of the enterprise resulted from an unwillingness to consider hymns, which had many years previously been introduced to the Relief Church.

Notes and Comments

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These are dispersed on pp. 7, 10, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20. Confusion of versions of the Lord’s Prayer deplored and congregational participation encouraged. Revival of the office of Beadle encouraged, with notes on staff, wand and mace. A plea for vestries to be furnished in a way that creates a spiritual atmosphere. Also a plea for a more significant Confirmation Service.


Illustrations in this volume

(all between pages 10 and 11)

The College of Preachers, Washington, DC
The Refectory, College of Preachers
The Common Room, College of Preachers
The Chapel of St Salvator, University of St Andrews
The Lord President’s Mace