Volume 22 1952

Some Inner Aspects of the Action at the Lord’s Supper

The Rev Wm D Maxwell, BD, Ph D, Minister of Whitekirk and Tyninghame, East Lothian

Presidential Address 1951. The action of the body and the action of the mind, heart and soul must be in accord. The article is a detailed commentary on the rite but following it from the aspect of the inner response of the worshipper. The role of the minister: those who are supposed to lead in worship may lead in its extermination. The effect of the physical on the inner. Speaks of the 'rhapsody of intercession'.

Prayers for the Sick

The Rev J Ramsay Thomson, BD, Minister of St Andrew’s Church, Carluke

The article begins from the gospel and continues by a review of earlier liturgies which included such prayer. How this element appears in more recent orders.

The Evidence of Old Irish Session-Books on the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

The Rev John M Barkley, Ph D, Minister of Cook Centenary Church, Belfast

Earliest worship books. Revisions of the Westminster Directory. The books show that the Session decided how many Communions should be held per year and when. Fast days and long tables, tokens and how the bread and cup were served. Communion plate. There are lists of disbursements to the poor. How catechumens were admitted. The character and conduct of members. The books testify to the dominance of Brownist opinions in Irish Presbyterianism and that the practices of the Protesters were largely followed.


Ways of Worship: The Report of a Theological Commission of Faith and Order (SCM), originating from the Edinburgh conference of 1937; Prayers for the Christian Year (second edition, revised and enlarged) ( OUP); Prayers and Services for Christian Festivals, James M Todd (OUP); A Manual of Plainsong for Divine Service, ed. Briggs and Frere, rev. Arnold (Novello, 1952); The Shorter Oxford Bible (OUP); Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised 1950; BBC Hymn-book; Congregational Praise.

Notes and Comments

Various Contributors

W D Maxwell receives a DD from the University of Glasgow. The considerable variety in the conduct of marriage services. Children's sermons. Receiving the offerings. Maintaining church choirs. The one-day conference in Greyfriars on 'Worship and the Arts'.