Volume 23 1953

Whither Away?

The Rev R Stuart Louden, BD, Minister of Greyfriars’ Church, Edinburgh

An examination of the legacy of the Church Service Society and a consideration as to whether a role still exists for the Society. The writer concludes that, even though much has improved, too many do not know enough about the roots and foundations of the liturgy to be able to use well the resources that are now available. We need a deeper study of the theology of worship and better observance of the Christian Calendar. Lacking also is quality in our music. One way ahead is a greater provision in the theological colleges.

The Churches of St Leonard at St Andrews

Ronald G Cant, Esq, MA, Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of St Andrews: and the Rev W L Coulthard, BD, Minister of St Leonard’s Parish Church

First, the historian Ronald G Cant outlines the history of the early foundations (hospital, college), their translation into being one of St Andrews's parish churches, and the sojourn of the congregation in the university church of St Salvator. Then the current minister of the church, W L Coulthard, outlines the steps leading to the removal of the parish church to another part of the town and gives a detailed description of the new Macgregor Chalmers building. There is also a detailed account of the stained glass. The article is illustrated.

Why Not Plainsong?

The Rev Fred Robertson, BA, Minister of Bridgend Church, Mid-Calder

The author shows that plainsong is not an innovation (as in Church Hymnary: Third Edition) and is much older than the 'old tunes' preferred by most. He outlines the experience of his own congregation, how plainsong took them back to the power (and the Scottish tradition) of unison singing. He also explains the nature of plainsong.

Hunger and Famine - in Public Worship?

The Rev J W Stevenson, MA, Editor of Life and Work

The writer is editor of Life and Work and describes some of the features of a recent correspondence which centred around worship. He finds evidence for hunger, and much agreement as to how to meet this more fully. Examples included a less casual beginning, more physical action such as standing or kneeling in prayer, dividing prayers, responses in prayer, speaking our confession, a more constant reference to the Sacrament even when not celebrated, more teaching about worship.

Notes and Comments

Various Contributors

Responses to a paragraph in the last issue of the journal about children's addresses, offering further experiences. The current lack of psalm singing. A retreat held by the Presbytery of Dundee in St Margaret's, Barnhill, on the matter of worship; and a suggestion that other such opportunities be seized, such as lunches and ministers' clubs.


Illustrations in this volume

St Leonard’s Chapel: Interior, looking eastwards, c.1900  -  Facing page 24
St Leonard’s Chapel: Interior, looking eastwards, 1952  -  Facing page 24
St Leonard’s Church: Nave and Sanctuary  -  Facing page 25
St Leonard’s Church: Tower and Main Entrance  -  Facing page 25