Volume 24 1954

Liturgy and Apocalypse

The Rev Professor Thomas F Torrance, MBE, BD, D Theol, of the University of Edinburgh

This paper takes up the theme of a paper in the previous issue of the journal when Stuart Louden discussed the continuing role of the Church Service Society, with especial reference to the need for the Society to find its way back into the mainstream of the Church’s life and allow invigorated theology to result in reinvigorated liturgy. The paper examines the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) to explore the place of the Ascension of Christ and his Second Advent in the worship of the New Testament Church, and draws out some of the theological implications of that for the liturgical movement today.

The Christian Year

The Rev R Stuart Louden, BD, Minister of Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh

This develops from an appraisal of Allan McArchur’s The Evolution of the Christian Year. The statements about festivals in the National Covenant has made their position difficult, at odds with implicit beliefs at the Reformation. A description of the book’s content is given but the present author is critical of the concluding section which suggests what contemporary practice ought to be. A fuller provision is then suggested.

The St Giles Book of Common Order, 1884-1926

The Rev Cecil T Thornton, BD, formerly Minister of St Margaret’s Parish Church, Edinburgh

Discusses this collection of prayers and services (anonymous but known to be by the minister Dr Cameron Lees). The paper offers a critical appraisal, comparing it favourably and unfavourably with Euchologion. He finds the (informally) revised version even stronger. Several prayers are offered as an example of its contents.

Recent Liturgical Literature

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, Librarian at New College, University of Edinburgh

In the course of this review, there is reference to an American publication, The Liturgy of the Church of Scotland since the Reformation edited by Stephen A Hurlbut, although this is seen as dependent on current Scottish research. Olive Wyon;s The Altar Fire is also noted.


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