Volume 30 1960

“In Remembrance of Me”

An Address to the Annual General Meeting of the Society by the Reverend John K S Reid, MA, BD, DD, Professor of Theology in the University of Leeds

Professor Reid examines whether a richer meaning of the phrase, ‘In Remembrance of Me’, is to be found in the Eucharistic rite. Under a series of sub-headings, he attempts to do just that:

delimitation of the field;
the element of remembrance in Passover;
the character of remembrance;
practical corollaries

He concludes by discussing the place of sacrifice in the Eucharist and asks whether the Eucharist is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice or an offering of Christ or of his sacrifice, arguing that the matter is a restatement of one of the fundamental issues at the Reformation.

Liturgy and Unity

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, Librarian at New College, the University of Edinburgh

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, Librarian at New College, the University of Edinburgh

Dr Lamb argues that unity is one of the most urgent problems facing the Church and he attempts to look at the relation between liturgy and unity which he believes has been somewhat neglected and should be studied more widely and deeply. Does the worship of the Church suggest or express its unity? Can liturgy help towards unity?, he asks. He tries to answer these questions in the light of biblical criticism, ecclesiastical history and in varying types of worship – Roman, Anglican and Presbyterian. He concludes by stating that unity is grounded in the unity of God and in the uniqueness of the incarnation and that the church is one church, whatever appearances may suggest, because Christ is one for the Church and because the only true life of the Church is that which it has in him. When church people get caught up in worship and the Eucharist, they lose their isolation as they form ‘the one Bread in Christ’.

Recent Liturgical Literature

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, Librarian at New College, the University of Edinburgh

The Life and Work of Edmund Bishop, Nigel Abercrombie
Liturgies of the Past, Archdale A King
The Mass, A Liturgical Commentary, A Crogaert
The Worship of God, M D Phillipe OP
The History of the Mass, Fr Amiot
The Mass of the Roman Rite, J A Jungmann
Before Mass, Romano Guardini

L’Euchariste, Memorial du Seigneur, Sacrifice d’action de grace et d’intercession
La Liturgie Eucharistique a Taize
Le Sacrifice Eucharistique selon les théologiens réformés francais du XVIIe siècle
Vivre l’aujourd’hui de Dieu, Roger Schutz, Taizé
Worship in Ancient Israel, A S Herbert
Luther on Worship, An Interpretation, Vilmos Vajta
Eucharist and Sacrifice, Gustaf Aulen
The Sacred Bridge, The Interdependence of Liturgy and Music in Synagogue and Church during the First Millennium, Eric Werner
Church Music and Theology, Eric Routley
The Congregational Church Service Book


Illustrations in this volume

(All between pages 26 and 27)

Dunblane Cathedral: From the South East
Dunblane Cathedral: Interior, looking eastward
Dunblane Cathedral: Interior, looking west
Dunblane Cathedral: Choir Stalls and Organ